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Thread: Windows XP flaw

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    \"SI JE PUIS\"

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    so much for Microsuck and XP where is the patch?

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    WindowsXP hole

    I want to test to see if i have this problem on a few computer on my network, and none of the articles said what port to close>> which port is it?

    I havent really found any open so far.
    Whats a \"START\" button?

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    MS closed -3.6 because of the flaw says CNN

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    i think this is kinda funny, in a sick way. "rogue software"? hey, i'm gonna install linux on yer box now!

    or maybe just set your homepage to a linux mirror....;^D

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    aint tha tsome ****?

    3 DoS attacks and 1 give away your computer.

    spazzmatrix :

    it was discoverd by eEye maybe they offer a scanner for it.
    the service listens on port 5000
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    Post Microsoft issues patch for "serious" XP hole

    Microsoft issues patch for "serious" XP hole

    Click here for details.

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    so much for Microsuck and XP where is the patch?
    Click here for the patch.

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    This a clip from the above link:

    "Microsoft made a really good effort to work with us and get the patch ready in a coordinated way," he said. "Microsoft understands you're never going to be perfect; you have to have a mechanism in place to react to these things quickly and comprehensively when they happen."

    Maiffret predicted hackers would develop and release tools to exploit the UPnP vulnerability within a week or two. But he said the buffer overflow flaw was so technically complex that attacks based on it were unlikely to become widespread. "I think the people skilled enough to exploit this will keep the exploit to themselves," he said. (yea right......NOT)

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    XP just came out and already there are ways to completely compromise the "most secure" OS microsoft ever made. Microsoft can keep their crap. Im running something else. No longer will I stand up and question if they have changed their ways.
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