(Not really security related but still interesting)

I'm trying to setup static routing (with the route table) on a NT4 workstation and I'm not having any succes;

The situation is such: I've got a NT4 workstation that has 2 NICs, one to the network switch, the second on to a win95 pc. I want to have the nt4 box route (or bridge if this is possible on NT4) traffic between the network and the win95 box so that the win95 box can connect to the domain and all the other stuff... NT4 box currently gets a DHCP ip (reserved) in a 10.x.x.x subnet, and the "local" interface is assigned ip (static) and the win95 box NT4 gets its default gateway from DHCP, win95 has for gatway. I've enabled routing on the NT4 box, and the route table, as far as I can tell seems appropriate by default (haven't actually done routing before so cant really tell) when comparing to MSKB article on routing.

From the win95 box:
-pinging NT4 on both interfaces (IPs) works
-pinging PDC times out
-tracert to pdc times out after first hop (NT4 box)

From NT4 box:
-pinging both sides of the network works fine

The problem is... it doesn't work!

Any help appreciated


I will be putting a local hub/switch to connect both to a single uplink (for other reasons too) but yet I'd like to get this working meanwhile..