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Thread: Microsoft sues Linux start-up over name

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    Post Microsoft sues Linux start-up over name

    Micro$oft sues Linux start-up over name

    Haha, bollocks, next Micro$oft will sue Linux companys for using computers.

    & the opening statement from that case.
    Micro$oft spokesperson
    ::Am sorry Linux boys we gonna have to sue you again cause we thought you guys where making calculators not computers.

    For more storys check out the rest of

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    I read this article earlier today. I've known of Lindows for sometime and thought it was a good idea. Creating an operating system that is based on Linux but can run Windows programs. It sounds like the answers to all of the problems with Windows and Linux cause let's face it most of the software created today, and some hardware are not compatible with linux. It's obvious microsoft won't win. Unless they push this to where Lindows won't be able to afford it, which they probably will. But lets hope they don't and Lindows is able to bribe a judge. Or at least get some type of funding. I think the people who are involved in Lindows have justification to call themselves what ever they want. They combinee both names of Linux and Windows. To me I won't be getting confused over the name. I really get a kick out of Microsoft and there evil tactics.

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    Hey FreeOn I checked out your site....nice.
    Why don't you get a redirected url ? It will remove any refrence to"aol" in the get one go here:

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    Indeed FreeOn

    Nice site

    The only thing I have to notice is that you don't have a geustbook
    That's why I'am posting the comment here...

    You should have one.


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    This is a quote from a related article:

    Despite Linux's success in some markets, Allchin said he isn't concerned about sales competition from the product. Microsoft provides support to change and develop products based on its operating system software that Linux companies don't, he said. Companies that use Linux in their products then must pay someone else for support, he said.

    "We can build a better product than Linux," he said. "There is always something enamoring about thinking you can get something for free."

    Of course some people (such as myself) will take all of the better security with slightly more difficulty in use to save money. I believe that Microsoft is foolish if they do not take cost in to consideration. As for support to change and develop products in Linux, literally thousands of independent programmers in the open source community are working on Linux products and support. As for sueing over the use of the name Lindows, this is foolish. They are really concerned because they believe that if you can run windows programs on linux, this will bridge the final gap for the everyday user and people will switch to linux.
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