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Thread: The Worlds Longest Thread!

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    My prediction of Four pages is shattered as I post this along the very fifth page!

    Where is the dude that started it?

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    Unhappy ooooOEeeack

    I just drank a carton of eggnog and ate a cheese log I'm gunnu be backed up for a week.

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    Hello to everyone here.
    Just thought it a good oppurtunity to wish everyone here a Happ Eid. Eid-Mubarak!!

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    Arrow Talking about Jokes...

    Talking about computer jokes... I got this from

    Computer crack funnier than many human jokes

    09:50 20 December 01
    Will Knight

    An experiment to uncover the world's funniest jokes has found that some computer-generated gags can be more amusing than those thought up by humans.

    The Laugh Lab survey is being conducted through a web site, on which members of the public are invited to submit favourite jokes and rate other submissions. They are also asked to contribute information about themselves.

    Five computer-generated gags were contributed by researchers at Edinburgh University's computer science laboratory. These are characterised by simple word play and most were voted to be very poor, such as "What kind of line has sixteen balls? A pool cue!".

    However one computer gag: "What kind of murderer has moral fibre? A cereal killer," did surprisingly well, ranking higher than a third of all other jokes.

    Computer cracker

    Jason Rutter, a research fellow at Manchester University, says: "Humour is a very interesting way to look at artificial intelligence because at some point something has to have two meanings, which is not easy to do with a computer."

    Laugh Lab organiser Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, points out that the computers used to create the entries are programmed to play with the meaning of words but are not able to judge funniness themselves. He suggests that, were a computer able to do this, it could perhaps be considered intelligent. "It might be the ultimate Turing test," he says.

    The Laugh Lab web site received around 100,000 visitors from 69 different countries, which makes this an exceptionally large study, says Wiseman. One drawback is that there is no way to verify that the personal information submitted by visitors is accurate. But Wiseman believes that this would affect only a very small proportion of contributions.

    Elementary jokes

    Wiseman admits that the most popular joke overall, about Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson on a camping trip (Check it out here), could hardly be used as a weapon of mass hilarity, but blames an averaging process. "With the top jokes, you really have the ones that most people found reasonably funny," he says.

    But Wiseman believes that the data gathered through the project will provide new insight into links between humour, psychology and society.

    He says that the results so far add weight to previous humour research by indicating that certain jokes appeal more to men and women and different jokes are more popular in different countries. The survey found that men preferred more aggressive jokes, as well as sexual innuendo, while women preferred word play. Wiseman says: "Perhaps this tells us something about their brain function."

    But Wiseman says it is unclear at this stage why certain jokes should be more popular in different countries or if this is due to national differences at all.

    The survey will now enter a second stage in which visitors will be asked to contribute more detailed information about themselves. Wiseman also hopes that visitors also find a funnier joke than the current number one.
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    Just contributing again. What's up everybody?
    Why am I still here?

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    Just messing about with Flash trying to make something interesting!

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    Noble Hamlet
    Hello everyone to see this post wen up well, just giving it another boost!

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    Merry Christmas and a happy new year everybody

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    Talking WOW

    Six pages is quite good, almost there. I think someone needs to post a few storys. I would volanteer but I can't write stories to save my sorry ass!!!! Merry X-Mas everyone. Hope santas friendly!
    -=Plague of The IV=-

    Two great things came from UC Berkely; LSD and BSD.

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