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Thread: Swim with the Dolphins a cry for help.

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    Swim with the Dolphins a cry for help.

    A friend asked me to help her friends to find someone who maybe could help them and my first thought was to see if someone here at AO know were to find help for them?

    Source: Lena's Dolphins.

    My name is Lena Johnson and I am seven years old and have epilepsy. Do you or anyone you know have any knowledge about cheritable organizations that could help my mum and dad with a new therapy swiming with the dolphins?

    I would like to be given the chance to go and swim with the dolphins for a proper therapy and maybe get cured from this illness of mine. This therapy is done by professional in Florida USA and in Egypt.

    The cost of the therapy is very high and at the moment my mum and dad can not afford to take me there even though they want me back to how I used to be. It upsets mum and dad that they can not afford it and we can not find any one to help with the cost of it.

    My mum and dad have tried all the charities they can find with no luck.

    HOW you can help.

    If you know of any charities that help out on the costs please let mum and dad know.
    If you can help out yourself please let them know.

    Please pass my dads homepage address to all your contacts maybe they can help.

    We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and helping out even if you have only passed on the address.

    Webpage adress: Lena's Dolphins.

    Thank you.

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    I don't know how much help this will be, but it does say they offer financial aid if available....
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    lena does a pretty fair job with flash for a 7 year old
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    Her dad's not bad with the Flash is he? Not a helpful post but I thought I'd bring it up anyway. Tell them to write to Rosie O'donnel I was watchin' that show one time and she gave a kid a trip to some clinic that specializes in whatever he needed. It was like 2 years ago I dun remember too much about it. I think that shows still on.
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    heh while I was writing that post 2 people commented on the flash. Stupid irc takin' up all my valuable post writing time.
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