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Thread: nbtstat problem

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    nbtstat problem

    For some reason when I use nbtstat -A <ipaddress> I always receive host not found. I used to use it
    successfully then after installing a network card it didn't work again. I tried removing the network card and reinstalling windows, no luck. I then formatted the machine (left the network card out) and reinstalled everything .... no luck.
    Any ideas. I assume that nbtstat is trying to resolve the host somehow on what it thinks is a LAN however I have no LAN.

    Any ideas ??

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    try netstat -a maybe?

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    Re: tsom1b

    Naa, Tsom1b...There are two separate commands: NBTSTAT, and NETSTAT. I remember Remote_Access_ posted a GREAT tutorial on NBTSTAT...Try Pm'ing him or something...for I can't seem to find it
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