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Thread: Need help starting up linux.

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    Need help starting up linux.

    Ok, first off. I have beeen using various computers for quite a few years but never really jumped into linux much. Just got a copy of Red Hat 6.1 and am installing the Gnome workstaion onto my puter.
    I am installing linux as a dual boot OS paired with Win ME. (Before people start flaming ME I'd like to say that I rather like it and don't seem to have the problems many people have with that OS.) I am running an 800mhz Penti III with 386mb of RAM and a 30 Gig harddrive.
    After the install I can't seem to run the Window X program as the interface for linux. I get an error message. I can login but can't seem to do much after that. Most the basic commands work but some don't. I need some help with how the get the computer to reinstall linux. (I am hoping that a reinstall since it seem some packets just didn't take.) The computer won't seem to reboot and take the CD teh reinstall the program. Instead I just end up at the login prompt. I must be missing someting simple. the computer BIOS still works fine and all but seleting the CD and the first boot device still didn't get the install running again. I'll be reading up to solve the problem but would love some assistance. I'm not an idiot but am Ill informed when it comes to the finer points of linux.
    I also had another problem. I used the FIPS sofware to start the initial partition to start the linux install for dual booting. The partitions I now have do not reflect the size of the harddrive I have instead I have about 20 Gigs missing. Any ideas or newer partitioning software? Would love some assistance. Thx everyone.

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    If you're having problems running X after the computer boots, log in at the login: prompt and run the following (this is assuming X is installed into the default directory, which in your case it should be):

    # /usr/X11R6/bin/Xconfigurator

    This will allow you to go through the X setup, configuring your monitor and video card. It's pretty thorough and it's good to go with what it finds on the video card. If you know your monitor setup, do a 'custom' setup for it, otherwise go with generic if your monitor's not found.

    As for the commands not working, check your PATH by doing the following:

    # echo $PATH

    That will show you your current PATH setting, which defines what directories the shell will sift through to find said command. To add a directory to it, do the following:

    # export PATH=$PATH:<new dir here
    # echo $PATH

    Now, PATH should have your new directory in it at the very end. Remember all directories have to be colon delimited.

    That should get you going in the right direction...I'd cover the other issues but I'm about to pass out here, so hopefully someone will cover it or else I'll post again tomorrow. Hope this helps!
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    I don't like fips. It sounds too good to be true,
    being able to repartition without starting from scratch.
    As you have experienced, it can have unintended
    side effects.
    I know it may sound radical to wipe EVERYTHING and create
    new partitions for win and linux, but it's actually
    easier. The install prog should walk you through this.
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