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Thread: Illegal Directv

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    Illegal Directv

    Hey, someone I know owns an illegal directv and he just got hit, he lost 300 channels and can only see part of the ones that are left. So I was thinking if somebody were to take the code for the signal or virus (call it what you will) and hex edited it so it would reverse the process and then compile it. Well what if you took that new signal and sent it back to all the directv dishes, would it reverse the the damage that directv did? Would all the illegal dishes get there channels back? I dunno just a thought.

    BTW the code for the signal is at [url]]
    Sitting Duck Security check it out

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    I guess you can edit the code, but as in rebroadcasting it back to everyone? Thats a different story. You would need a lot of specialized equipment to re-braodcast it, and plus how would you be able to get it into the directv sattelite and spoon feed it to every diretv user out there? Ahh Igive up lol, who knows.

    It would be nice if they didnt get fried in the first place

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