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Thread: cDc = new Goverment play thing!!!!

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    Thumbs down cDc = new Goverment play thing!!!!

    I never liked l0pht and I diss like cDc even less!!! The king of script kiddies has been crowned!!!!

    I give you Cult of the Dead Cow


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    calling l0pth a SK might not be a good idea.... He's made many good programs/scripts and since he has the brains to make 'em he can't possibly be a SK...
    but it still sux what cDc is doing...
    \"Software is like sex: it\'s better when it\'s free.\" -Linus Torvalds

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    Reading that article I detected a twang of sarcasm throughout the enitre thing. I am not certain, but it sounds like a clever CDC joke to me.
    Know this..., you may not by thyself in pride claim the Mantle of Wizardry; that way lies only Bogosity without End.

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    irate teenagers

    <compairing FBI and the irate computer using 13 year old>

    FBI uses trojans to look at peoples data and find out what they are doing.

    13 year old's use trojans to look at peoples data find out what they are doing and play with their cd roms

    FBI trounces peoples rights in the form of liberty and protecting people from terrorism

    13 year old's agitate their friends with verbal abuse and takeing control of their mouses

    FBI keeps records on over a million people and attempts to moniter internet activity with carnivore

    13 year olds keep records on their teachers for use at later date

    sounds like FBI is getting their computer stalk from aggitated 13 year olds who "found" BO and netbus

    sounds like a government funded activity!

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    I don't believe l0pht is a SK or ever will be. I still have respect for the cDc but I guess they were probally pressured to join the dark side, or maybe even bribed with $$$ to join them. Who knows?
    Or maybe it's a conspiracy! The fbi sets up a group called the cDc, makes prototypes of it's magic latern program, then when the time comes... releases it's years of research to the public!

    or maybe not...
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    Re: cDc = new Goverment play thing!!!!

    Originally posted by -=solarismka=-
    I never liked l0pht and I diss like cDc even less!!! The king of script kiddies has been crowned!!!!

    I give you Cult of the Dead Cow

    I don't know all the cDc members but Sirdystic is ok and I doubt that they are SK.

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    Well come on the FBI being so overpowering obviously just told them its jail or make us a trojan now biatches!

    We are at Antionline=anti-hacker!
    Therefore we like the FBI!
    How stupid you newbies get at times.

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    The only reason I dislike cDc is because of BO. Something like that shouldn't have been let loose in the wild....... But anyways besides that point I can see that some members being alright..... As fo l0pht I agree that they have written some helpful scripts..................

    I could see that the FBI pressuring cDc but in any case if I was them and they were doing that to me I'md probably choose jail. But thats my own opinion..............

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    I believe that the more important thing to worry about with this, is the useage that cDc is trying to build into it.

    Several plug-ins are already under consideration or active development:

    IMAGE ANALYZERS for recognizing certain shapes and images in digital photos, like: flags
    and emblems of terror groups, blueprints and schematics of critical national infrastructure,
    representations of nude or missing children, as well as faces of known or suspected criminals.
    ELECTRONIC FIELD AGENTS leverage recent advances in fuzzy logic to perform much of the
    data acquisition and analysis on the remote PC. This enables the program to conduct
    wide-ranging data hunts and filter out any materials which do not conform to federal search
    and seizure law. Using the power of the suspect's own computer system, the software can
    scour stored files and live traffic across the internal network for items which conform with a
    high degree of probability to Title 18 legal requirements.
    UNICODE-AWARE TEXT SEARCHES for matching live typing against a list of trigger words
    in any language, including Arabic. The dictionary of trigger words can be updated at any time
    over subliminal channels without arousing suspicion of the most knowledgeable systems
    analyst. The dictionary can be used to match proper names, book titles, airport codes, and
    general terms like "bomb" or "virus" in any Unicode language.
    LOGIC AND GRAMMAR ENGINES will be able to detect telltale signs of mental disturbance.
    In conjunction with the text search capability, this feature will weed out the merely neurotic
    from the dangerously insane.
    I find it REALLY scarey that these "modules" are planned to be built into a system that is going to be undetectable. I mean, who is to judge what people type on their computer, in whatever context, as a telltale sign of mental disturbance. So, any time someone may be talking about a roleplaying scenario, or a game (think Counter-Strike), this software will pick out those key words, and start investigating? What a load of crap!

    \"It\'s only arrogrance if you can\'t back it up, otherwise it is confidence.\" - Me

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    I am not a 100% sure if the cDc is being pressured by the Feds, but some big names in the industry sure are.
    Meinel is working on a book about Defcon and the role the gorvernment has been playing in it.
    Defcon is just to get control over the hacker community, why do you think 2600 has H2K? And HAL is fed free, they couldn't do **** on Dutch grounds, the Government wouldn't allow it.

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