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    Unhappy reboot

    when I reboot my laptop, I just got the message: Please stand by while rebooting the system...
    nothing more and actually the laptop doesn't reboot. I have to shut down the power. I am runing a PIII 1000 with 256 RAM and 20 G hard disk. How can I solve that problem. I am using SuSE 7.2 and Windows 2000 Professional.



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    Do you have IM's running in the systray? Have you installed things like webshots? these type of programs can hang the system on shutdown.
    Go to start>>programs>>accessories>>system information,
    on the tool bar select 'tools' then 'configuration utility' go to the tab labeled start-up. See whats running that dosn't need to be, then stop it from loading with windows.
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    thanks for your answer! I really got a new idea, but how about Liunx? I am using a SuSE Linux 7.2! thanks again!

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