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Thread: Windows 98SE help!!!

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    Angry Windows 98SE help!!!

    whats up guys?? got a question and hopefully someone can help.. I am running a network which consists of Win NT 4 server and 4 win 98SE workstations. 3 outta the 4 log onto domain. With the fourth computer i keep getting the message "There is no server available to validate your passworld. You might not be able to gain access to some network resources." I rebuilt my protocol stack, checked the line, put in an IP, gateway and DNS and still having problems. I tried using different user names and i'm still having problems. I know the line is good because i borrowed a friends line conductivity tester and it came back good. does anyone have any ideas?? please help!! thanks.

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    Make sure you can reach the server by pinging it <ping> where xxxs are the servers ip address. If you can't reach the server, check to make sure the nic card is in firm, they tend to creap out through heating and cooling. If you still can't reach it, try another cable. This failing try another nic card.

    if you can reach the server by oinning it and still can't connect,
    make sure "log onto network" option box is checked and
    the domain name is correct under properties for "client for microsoft networks" Check user name/password on the server and client.

    Check to make sure subnet mask is correct.
    Make sure internet connection sharing is not enabled, though this shouldn't matter if your using assigned ip addresses.

    How many ports are on your hub? make sure its not in a port configured as a cross over. Does the connection light go on on the hub and the nic when you plug them in?
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    Reinstall the NIC's drivers and if it doesn't work after that replace it.

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    Check cheap things first (second time I post this)

    If you are able to ping the other box then your NIC and connection should be OK.
    Check the domain name again.
    Check users on server.

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    try pinging it if it is pinging ok then the connections are ok then u have to check the drivers ....

    also if possible restart the servers....and try again....


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