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Thread: Partitioning Problem

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    Partitioning Problem

    My primary DOS partition is under my extended DOS partition, which is stopping me from installing linux alongside windows. Is there anyway to fix this without buying a program suck as partition magic? Thanks.

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    Question Partitioning

    I'm affraid I'm not very well informed on re-aranging partitions although if theres a tool that will do it it'll be GNU Parted. It will let you add, remove, resize and check partitions. You could also see if one of the fdisk variants will allow re-sizing but I don't think any of them do

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    There is two free progs i can think of.

    1. FDISK - should come on the win98 bootdisk or CD
    2. Ranish Partition manager - available from

    Try them both - then you problem should be sorted
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    If you don't mind reinstalling windows,
    the easiest thing to do is pop in your linux
    install CD and go from there.
    During the install process, you get a chance
    to make all new partitions as you see fit.
    Create one FAT partition for DOS/WINDOWS
    and the rest for LINUX. If you need lots
    of partitions (for a real sophisticated system),
    you can make an extended partition with
    "logical" partitions in it. More extended
    partitions can even be nested within
    extended partitions...
    You only really need your FAT part. for windows,
    a linux swap part. and one linux native part.
    Windows is happier if it is on the first
    primary partition, but things can get
    hairy without a good book on dual booting
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