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Thread: R U being watched?

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    R U being watched?

    It's come to the point where you can't even take a walk down the street, without big brother watching. How is anybody supposed to scope out telephone connection terminals for their rouge lap tops? Whats a hacker to do? What good are all those shiney aluminum boxs, with all their live telephone connection, if you're gonna be on candid camera.
    What if you just want to walk and think something out. I find that knowing im on camera hinders that. its like being on stage.
    Were not talking dark dangeruos places, but main streets.
    maybe this is good maybe this is bad. if this is what everyone wants, so be it, as long as everyone knows and has the option to approve or disapprove. i personally will take the long way around.

    Well the good people at

    The Institute for Applied Autonomy

    Have mapped the location of these cameras in many urban locations and allow you to watch the watchers.Or at least watch out for them.
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    Post Whoa...

    Whoa dude...thats a scary thought. Now, come to think of it, drive-by hacking will even be HARDER than ever. True,...whats a hacker to do...Phreakers be ware...
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