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    Ok Im an utter newbie and Im running Windows ME [not by choice]
    Anyway I downloaded Zipslack, zipped it to the D: drive and now when I run it it says it will only run in DOS alone.
    However ME wont allow me just to run in DOS so am I wasting my time or is their a way or perhaps a better Linux solution.
    Please help I suck I know.

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    The first thing that I would recommend is to get ride of windows ME. About Linux I wouldn't know. Try running it from windows 98 or 2000.
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    Lightbulb SOLUTION

    1.)Go to a Win95/8 PC and bring up a DOS prompt, format /s a:
    --this make a bootable floppy
    2.)copy the loadlin progie from zipslack to the disk
    3.)make a file called autoexec.bat and add:
    --you should get all the arguments for loadlin from the FAQ
    4.)Bung it in your PC and re-boot, it should load DOS from the floppy and then execute autoexec.bat (a file that DOS runs if it's present). It executes loadlin which see's your in DOS and hey presto Linux should boot.

    I think this should work, if it doesn't just post again and I'll see if I can come with somthing more useful
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