Ok guys, I have read to many damn how to guides out there talking about hax0ring a pbx in order to grab free long distance. Maybe it is because of my distain for thieves that i write this, or maybe because I don't want to see anymore kids get themselves and friends in a lot of trouble. So, here is a quick overview of telecom in how this **** works. The main thing to remember is that even though a dedicated line (T1) does not work like the POTS system it still has an ani that is generated when placing a call. This means if you do manage to crack into a mailbox that allows relaying, the telco provider (as well as the pbx) can and WILL detect this type of traffic. This goes for destination and source of the number. So, if a company that has a circuit setup all of a sudden finds out that it has an extra 7000 minutes long distance added up it can easily find out the numbers that were terminated at the location (you can figure what happens next). It is true that most telcom switches only keep logs for a certain amount of time....but they also run filters in order to pick up on "trends" (this works in the same way a IDS system picks up a port scan). The idea of running a pbx like a proxy in order for anonymity is bullshit. Maybe they will never notice....or maybe they will pick it up in a heartbeat. So, please....before you play around make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. I plan on posting some more "educational" material here in the future (hey...holiday time and I am an insomniac by heart). I was wondering what type of material people wanted to be posted? Well...happy holidays and I'll be around.



ps. When the hell is someone gonna fix the bug with the IRC client....