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    Unhappy Stupid Newbie Question

    im in a need of help. its xmas eze and i cant leave untill i add a user to the network...the problem...i cant use linux. i know i know poor poor me. but my job is windows and hardware and my partners job was linux and network...but he quit. and my boss says its my problem now...fix it. all i have to do is delete one user from a redhat server, and add another, im afraid i dont know all that many commands, and since its a company not about to go play around on it, if any one can help..or perhaps send my redhat for dummies , i would be most gratefull.

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    he he he, just spent an hour going through online manuels but i finally found it.

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    I know how to do this on redhat, most distros all have the same commands. Logged in as root type adduser o useradd (they both do the same)

    This is how you use the command:

    The example which follows shows how to add a new user account. It is for a user named "John Pong" with the username "jpong" and home directory of "/home/jpong/".

    # adduser -c "John Pong" jpong -d /home/jpong

    Type this in and it will make an account for the user. Now goto your homes directory by typing 'cd /home' and issue the command 'mkdir jpong' to make his accoutn folder.

    Now that you have his account made, all you need to do is set his password by typing 'passwd jpong' and just follow the on screen instructions. Hope this works, so you can go home and have a merry christmas!
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