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Thread: Stupid things Remote Access has said

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    Noble Hamlet

    Stupid things Remote Access has said

    well, it is up to you what ever avatar you decide to use. as long as you post a serious response, people will take you seriously.
    by the way, how do i make a custom avatar?
    latr rna,
    Every one makes mistakes, we're only human... Everyone has made their share of mistakes and it shouldn't make you feel stupid for asking a question, it should make you feel intelligent. IMHO, its better to ask a question and be thought a fool for a minute than not to ask and never know... Terr is God's gift to computers. You could fart in a room full of 1000's of people and he could tell you who did it and when. (just kidding Terr)

    Rofl hahaa.... ok, first of all, useing a trojan instead of looking for vulnerabilities and holes in security on a system dosent make you "1337" and Linux is a Unix based OS... i think
    (Correct me if im wrong)
    And defaceing web sites dosent make you '1337", building one dose...
    Why did your mom charge me $5 and only charged chsh $2?
    Thats not fair!! I want my $3 back!!!
    Hello every one...I've decided to move to a more serious and organized security discussion group(s). Some of you may all ready be registered members there or heard of this site. Neworder also has an irc channel with a bot that actually works. I will drop in every now in again to keep in touch with the few serious and intelligent members of antionline.
    (you know who you are)
    Neworder also offers the same services (if not more) as AO but with out the annoying quistions, script kiddies, and the stupid antipoint rateing system. You will be judged by your intelligence instead of a failing rateing system.
    So if anyone cares, which I doubt anyone does...
    I'm 0ut 4 life

    Well if it makes you feel better LiMP, [i]Some[/] of us do....
    It was nice meeting you LiMP, take care....

    Me too evilseed. I like mountain dew. whats your fav.?

    Just so you know he is a traitor of AO and has a bad history, just so you newbies dont start respecting him or anything.

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    Talking Hehe

    aww, what's a matter boi? Are you not getting enough attention? Do you fear that some people may respect me and take me semi-seriously on these forms? Mr. Hamlet, you appear to be the brightest of the bunch so listen.. it's geting close to new Year's Eve and I for one am tired of debateing useless and insignificant issues with you and some other users on here.. Start the New year over and bury the hatchet.. in your head. Just kiddin', but really, let's just drop this and move on. Try posting something useful. Although it is entertaining and you are a good writer, why don't you put it to use? I have a bad history but that has nothing to do with the future. So what, I've admited it on a previous post that I stick my foot in my mouth. Big deal.
    Whoopty whoo. Get over it. After almost 200 post, not all of them were filled with nonsense and involved me makeing an ass of my self.. Let by gones be by gones. I knoe i can't spell worth a **** but it's not that big of an issue.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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    Well said Remote_Access_!

    Water under the bridge eh!

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    Post Remote_Access_

    Heh...Mr. Hamlet, has fallen to his knees...
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    Terr is God's gift to computers. You could fart in a room full of 1000's of people and he could tell you who did it and when. (just kidding Terr)
    What the hey? How did you discover my superpower!? To the olfactorymobile!
    [HvC]Terr: L33T Technical Proficiency

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    Talking Terr

    Hehe. It was just a joke.
    I was implying that you have excellent forensics abilities.
    To the olfactorymobile!


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    Noble Hamlet
    Well Remote Access I got a PM today from somebody here.

    He told me that you did what Im doing now to someone and that they let it go.

    I respect this person despite popular belief and Im willing to let it go.

    Not because of you but because of a good friend you have.

    I will still post however.

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    Smile Noble Hamlet

    I didn't ask you to stop posting in genereal, I was requesting for these needless debates to cease. I also respect this person that you speak of. I'd like to say Merry Christmas to all the AO members and Ennis, the mystery person who sent you the PM


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    remote access

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