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Thread: trojan, port Q??

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    Question trojan, port Q??

    I read that a trojan called "Sockets de Troie" connects to port 5000.
    When running netstat -a I get this info.
    Now when I run my audiogalaxy (a servce) it opens 2 ports on the local system with number 5000 and 1 port named 2330 on my local address connects to a port 5000 on a remote connection. When I close audiogalaxy these connections closes as well.

    Is there a way for someone to listen when I run audiogalaxy??

    Or some1 please tell me how to monitor each connection on my ports and see what program is using what connection for what.

    Thank u I hope any of this makes any sense to someone...

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    theres a program called fport which will tell you what services are listening on each active port, its freeware. just do a search on google, sorry i don't remember where i got it, it might have been but i doubt it.
    ag does use port 5000 for incoming. so when your computer goes out for info it will not use port 5000, thats tied up listening. i believe the outgoing port varies but always connects to port 5000 at the remote, so it sounds about right.
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    Try this ip-tools it has lot's of options one is to watch your ports.

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