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Thread: Formatting for a friend.

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    Formatting for a friend.

    I was formatting my neighbors PC for them and a problem came about. Ok first here are the specs.

    Its running 98 SE
    It has 16 mbs of ram
    1.2 GB harddrive
    56k Flex Protocol Modem

    Now even though I have the modem name and the model number and date the computer wont detect the modem. I have checked the system properties, BIOS and I have opened the box to make sure it is intact. It worked fine just before I formatted. I have tried to find updated drivers. Could I have cooked it somehow?

    Btw, is AO under construction? Peace.
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    Antionline has changed a lot recently as JP is updating the site and the chat. As for the modem, first check to be sure that the modem is seated correctly in the slot. This has gotten me a couple of times. Next test the modem in a different machine that you know works. If the modem still doesnt respond you may have a problem with the modem.

    By the way I noticed they only have 16mb of RAM. Microsoft reccommends a minimum of 24 mb.
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    Yea, I would definately check the modem in another machine if you have access to one. If the system that you formatted originally came with some restore disks, you may try looking to those disks for help. Theoretically, just formatting the HD should not have had anything to do with the modem, other than deleting the drivers for that modem - but in that case, it should have been a simple reinstall of the drivers. Also try going into Windows->My Computer->Device Manager and manually adding a new modem.
    Definately try the modem in another machine first though.

    Hope some of this may help...
    - Maverick

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