is a forum posted by MsMittens. It is a lot more informaion about IRC in general. This tutorial deals only with the commands used. There should be a total of 4 tutorials, and an addendum. Basic, useful advanced, useless advanced, and operator are the 4 tutorials, with an addendum for possible flags.

This is a tutorial showing basic irc commands. These are the commands that everyone should know how to use. They were taked from the unrealircd documentation.

If you enjoy irc, but are getting sick of the java client, you can use any irc client. Mirc is the most popular clinet for windows. If you do wish to use a program like mirc, you connect to port 6667. You do have to add this connection yourself.

Notice: In the few tutorials that I am writing about this, the commands are used on ao chat. A few of them have been disabbled, and some may not work on all networks. The opers have the ability to change what is available.

Also: You know have to ident when you join ao chat. Log on as you nick from Then type /msg antibot identify <pass> Replace <pass> with your password from
Now for the commands (which can be used anywhere):

NICK Command
Changes your "Online Identity" on a server.
Syntax: NICK <new nickname>

WHOIS Command
Shows information about the user in question.
Syntax: WHOIS <user>

JOIN Command
Used to enter one or more channels on an IRC server.
Syntax: JOIN <chan>

PART Command
Used to leave a channel you currently occupy.
Syntax: PART <chan>

QUIT Command
Disconnects you from the IRC server.
Syntax: QUIT <reason>

LIST Command
Provides a complete listing of all channels on the network.
Syntax: LIST <search string>

PRIVMSG or MSG sends a private message to a user, and opens a new QUERY window if their client supports it.
NOTICE sends a message to the screen of a user. Messages can also be sent to channels, but most op's turn this feature off.
Syntax: MSG <nick>,<nick2>,<nick3>,<nick4> :<text>
Syntax: NOTICE <nick> <text>