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Thread: Oh this is a riot!

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    Post Oh this is a riot!

    As I was reading something on slashdot, I got diverted to a link that stated what the top 20 things that will change PCs in 2002.
    Amongst them is your new PC and Laptop standards, telling what will be the hardware then and on the desktop, get this:

    Operating system: Some version of Windows (you expected Linux, perhaps?)
    If *THAT* isn't a riot...I have half a mind to email them and just ask them how whipped they really are, to admit defeat and wander shamefully back home...

    It's all available here .
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    CPU and RAM: 4- to 5-GHz microprocessor with 512MB of DDR memory and a 600-MHz system bus
    Why still using DDR Ram in 2004?
    DDR Ram is only an improved SDRAM standard

    There is already the new RDRAM standard (for high performance systems) The PC industry has successfully completed several evolutionary memory transitions: from Fast Paged Mode memory to EDO, to PC66 SDRAM to PC100 SDRAM to PC133 SDRAM (and DDRRAM).

    The transition to Direct RDRAM offers a memory performance gain up to 300% over the current SDRAM (like DDR) technology.

    So CNN does not provide a list of best or fastest configs but of an average system in 2002-2004. So Windows will still be the OS the majority uses, and still be full of bugs.

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    What this article fails to realize is that the computer industry moves very fast. By 2004 Linux could have ease of use that is equal or superior to windows. It will also have better security than windows. And there are the die-hard supporters who convert people to the linux side every day. This combined with the lower costs associated, and the lawsuits against Microsoft, and I would think that by 2004 at least 20% of all home computers would use Linux. This might seem a little optimistic, but as I read that article I was using linux, and just a year ago I thought that it wasnt worth my time. Another thing is that I think USB 2.0 will kill of IEEE 1394. In 2 years I dont believe they will still coexist.
    Another thing why only 512mb ram. We are at that point now. In 2004 we will probably have a minimum of 2gigs of RDRAM in all computers. I believe also that Intel will have lost more of its market share to AMD.
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    Hmmz.... wasn't CNN one of the first stations to declare Al Gore president of the USA too? ;)

    Merry Christmas!

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