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Thread: Encryption

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    Question Encryption

    Is there any way to encrypt your hard drive in Windows XP ?
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    I really recommend Scramdisk. I'm not sure if it will work in XP, but it works great on W98. Basically you make an encrypted file, and that file can contain whole DIRECTORIES of stuff. You use the scramdisk client to decrypt the file (various encrytption schemes) and then you can treat it like a mapped drive in My Computer. It's freeware, AFAIK. Or at least it was when I downloaded it.
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    XP, like Win2000, has its own inbuilt Encryption and Password security features for files and folders...

    Right Click on any file/folder and explore the properties...
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    Question how safe

    Anyone know how safe the windows XP folder encryption is...

    I can access the files as root under linux when I mount my XP ntfs partition....

    PS encryption and compression only work under NTFS, never will it work under FAT32.

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