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    Post Xbox decisions...

    Well I've gotten quite a bit of money for christmas this year and I've been contiplating on buying an Xbox. My question is about its netowrking support. I have a braodband conenction behind my tv to hook into the xbox or any other device, but im wondering what the multiplayer support is like. Can you really play other players online? If so what type of games, and is it usefull to actually download patches for the xbox? Ive been looking for online articles of how the connection is used but I acn't find much info on it. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, alo i heard you can hook multiple xbox's together and have a sorta lan-party wiht em. Anyhow Id like to here your opinions.
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    I think you should buy one. It's really kool, as just a console, and whenever they get the net support up (not yet) then you'll be able to play people online. I think it'll be pretty kool. As far as the LAN goes, I have not heard this, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to. (BTW: Get NHL 20-02. It's soooo awesome)

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