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    Question Starting Out

    Ok ive heard it all before on how to start out to become a good programer and hacker but i still don't know what to start with. I'm taking classes at my school in programing and there pretty good like vb and c++ and im taking networking classes but the teachers don't know exactly what their talking about.

    I was thinking of learning linux and unix but i'm not sure what a newbe should start out with, i've heard perl and html but i don't want to go on the wrong track and get lost. any advice would be very appreciated

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    It sounds to me like you are on the right track by taking networking classes and programming classes. Also drop by the library and pick up a few good books. Classes I am taking next semester include Windows 2000 server security, Unix Web Server, Advanced Web site design, CGI-Perl, and SQL. Not to mention more C++, and java. I also highly reccommend a peripherals class if you havent already taken one. I hope this gives you some ideas.
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    LiquidFlame.. it looks like you are on the right track.. if you are interested in linux then a great book to get is this one .. it covers basically everything including programming and networking with linux .. take care dude.. and good luck..

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    Since you already know Perl, I'd advise moving onto C/C++, in fact 'C++ : The Complete Reference' is an excellent book that I'd recommend without hesitation.

    A good first-time Linux distro is SuSE 7.3. It's easy to install and detected all my hardware, including the weird stuff, and cleverly managed to detect all my partitions - all I had to do was swap the CDs when prompted (if only Windows was this simple!)

    The Linux Bible is a good starting point for reading about Linux in general, then try picking up a more specialised book as you go along.

    It's all part of the neverending learning process...
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