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Thread: Attn: Mr Oblio

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    Chemical ..what lies you tell!!Why are you posting here girly girl? REMEMBER YOUR VOW?
    You SWORE never to post on antionline again. You made this vow in the chat room. Do you remember kissing JP's ass in there? You would'nt dare make the absurds claims you make when confronted with JP face to face! I called you on it and you scurried away like a little cockroach exposed to the light,all the while vowing never to post here again. I guess her word is as valid as her *snicker*POSTS*snicker*

    You guys should have WATCHED chemical kneel down and kiss JP's ass!! It was a Riot!!

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    Originally posted by oblio
    HAHA ruining the forum. I doubt it takes my presence or chemical's presence to ruin this forum. Perhaps the constant stream of disinformation and ego boosting is what makes this forum so depressing. It is quite humorous when you look at it via the 'big picture'.
    HeHe that not what your freind chemical thinks! You should have been there oblio as she kissed JP's ass! You would have saw what she really thinks.

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    hehehe...hahaha.....boobooboo.....blahblahblah.....hehehe....byebye.......................... (just saying hi !)hi!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hey what the.....this is a private conversation between me and Buddha-so piss

    this is funny stuff-thanks guys for picking me up....anytime really!!!

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    Noble Hamlet

    Re: Re: Noble Hamlet

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by [WebCarnage]

    So then, dear Noble Hamlet, was your initiative to ruin posts here in AntiOnline? If so...why do you bother comming?
    To annoy people like yourself and among you others.

    For just a few posts ago, you were ranting on how chemical and oblio could wind 'us' down so fast. Yet you posted. Why? Was it merely to prove a point why NOT to reply or was it to brag about how you couldn't be 'wound up' by oblio's and chemical's 'personal conversation'.
    Yes they dont annoy me as easily as they annoy the moral majority here. Most people think I am them but I hate them as much as Remote_Access_ and that small elf like person.

    Yet again, great Noble Hamlet, you stump us all...
    Why thank you but I must go Bunburying now.

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