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Thread: Bare bones

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    Bare bones

    Anyone know good sites for barebones pcs let me know thanks


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    Have you tried
    I've bought from there.......

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    4,785 always looked good to me but i never knew anyone whose used them, until now. is good, their reliable, deliver fast with a good return policy.
    check'um both out
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    2,007 is a good place for finding low prices on individual components. Could you be more specific on 'bare bones'? To me, that means: Motherboard, CPU, Case, RAM, Fans (various types). I've done some recent pricewatch checks and I've figured I can get a very good barebones of the type I've described for under 300, a little more with shipping.

    P.S. Building it myself, that is. AMD 1600, KT266A motherboard or some variant, 256mb ram.
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