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    Once again this may be old news and previously posted but I haven't had time to read all the threads yet..........

    I stumbled across Kaspersky's the year that was in AntiVirus security.

    Makes for an interesting read and has a top 10 most widespread virus list for the year 2001, and also looks into the future of computer security.......

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    It's odd though...that (most) viruses come through to people's personal computers via mail, or 'socially-oriented givings' (<- I couldn't find better wording). For instance, I, the attacker, give you a file saying it's "a really cool program check it out happy July4" ...and you, the gulable victim, happily enjoys seeing fireworks displayed on his/her PC.
    *As seen in the Happy99 virus
    Yet others are just programs taking advantage of security flaws. While others, still, take advantage of merely 'overlooked' places. Such as the Recycle Bin.
    Yet out of it's mainly the Administrator's ignorance that leads the computer to hell. Accepting trojan horses...unpatched areas...unchecked systems... the list is endless.

    Then again...It could all be the manufacturer's fault. As seen as clear as day here
    ...This Space For Rent.


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