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Thread: This time M$ has gone too far

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    Wait till D3 comes out it's a new video format that is for DVD's you can't burn them, you can't use these dvd's on your current player and you won't be able to use them on the computer. You will have to buy a new dvd player to play these movies.The file encryption is so deep it won't even read on a computer. The only thing you get out of it is better quality movies!

    D3 is supposed to come out in about a year. Electronic companys are already getting ready for this move. And so are movie companys. Hopefully it won't be a success.

    Some things like this outrage me. I now have to buy other items just to play what I want. The crap with Microsoft is obvious they know what there doing, and they now it's not right but they'll keep on doing it.

    The music industry will always have a big piracy problem.As long as there is Internet Radio, FTP servers, And any other type of media on the net. Piracy will always be there. I would have to agree with Sp1d3r-W0lf on what he said.

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    Re: It's happened before...

    Originally posted by [WebCarnage]
    Sp1d3r-W0lf gave me this idea right when he said: Playstation II.

    As you can see, this has all been happening, but just not with M$ until recently.
    Example 1:

    Billy just bought his X-Box to play. And since it's Christmas time he got Halo with it. Billy is happy.

    Billy then see's his neighbor. ...But wait, he has a better game - Tony Hawks Pro Skater II ( ). Billy wants this game, so he asks if he can borrow it. Yet when he tries it on his X-Box it doesn't work, because the CD is for the GameCube instead. this going against anti-trust laws? That the GameCube (lets say made Tony Hawk) made a game and said it should be only played on GameCubes and nothing else. If M$ wants to release a product solely for it's own OS thats fine. I find nothing bad about that, only that Apple isn' keeping up.
    What are you? a ****ing idiot? those are two videogame machines you are comparing. I am talking about the regular CD's you buy that have been running on every cd player or pc for the past 20 years.

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    Originally posted by uraloony
    I don't think MS has gone to far at all. If a company wishes to put out a new line of products (new CD's) and MS buys the rights to have it played on their PC's, then what is wrong with that? It is a simple business deal. Think about it.
    Who said anything about M$ buying the "rights".This was a decision made by Universal because they realise the vastness of the M$ customer base. No one is preventing them from releasing those same movies for ALL platforms at a later date.

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    I don't think it's the copyright protection that bothers me (well find a way around it and soon there will be plenty of ripers). It's the way that the redmond cowards, rather than try to write a decent piece of software are once again trying to use their financial might to push themselves to the top. I say to IBM, Dell, HP (& compaq) and all the others, lets not put up with this any more. Windows is slow, old and expensive. I think that M$ has even lost the user friendly argument now.
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    MS seems like they are always cutting a deal with someone to make a technology functional on their OS's only.

    Games are another good example of this, although less visible. Often games are released to the MS platform first and then Mac and so on. Many game developers including the graphic artists use a Unix variant to actaully develop the game. Id Software is just one example of a company that releases binaries for there games for assorted Unix platforms. My hope is that this becomes a more common practice in the future.

    As for these other technologies, trust in those with the skills to bring us a solution. RIAA and others in that industry may as well go away. Greed is a shollow act, and there will always be a group of individuals that are smarter than they are who make a circumvention device and publish it on the net.

    I personaly just refuse to buy such technology. It is a small and meaningless act for these companies if I choose to do so, but if enough people did it, the message would be clear, not to mention expensive in terms of profit loss.
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    Re: Forcmaester

    Originially posted by: Forcmaester
    What are you? a ****ing idiot? those are two videogame machines you are comparing. I am talking about the regular CD's you buy that have been running on every cd player or pc for the past 20 years

    Simply an analogy dear friend. If you don't like it, don't reply to it. I understand that your talking about 'regular CD's you buy that have been running on every cd player or pc for the past 20 years'. But obviously Universal is going to change all of that. Just like D3, a new type of DVD that won't be able to be burned or played on your DVD player that you own at home this very moment. Yet I doubt any of this will last. People will get fed up with buying a new DVD Player just for the enjoyment of a good movie. I'd (arguably) choose VHS if this was (no matter what) going to be the case.
    Still, this has been done before with MS products. Look at Internet Explorer for one...then Windows itself for another. And how they were not compatible with Apple/*NIX - yet now are (obviously not the OS for *NIX). Just like UberC0der said, games are another good example of this. Usually games are released firstly to MS OS's then later shipped out to Macintosh/*NIX.
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    Lightbulb sound waves are free

    What's the big deal? Re-record it.

    Once the sound is freed from the bondage of the media and is flying through the air so that it can reach my ears .... what is there to stop other recording media from snagging it and recapturing it onto more conducive media????

    Of course, the above presupposes that one has friends or access to the appropriate equipment ... or takes on a second job that grants such access
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    Do I think MS is beyond stealing people's product, reverse-engineering it and incorporating it into the OS, or buying out businesses just to bury it amidst their owned "inventory"? No, that's proven already...

    Do I think MS is beyond making deals with companies (money talks a lot) so that the company makes a product or capability that works ONLY on MS OSes? Not at all...

    Do I think MS would make sure there was some hidden clause with said company that would keep them from making alternatives or the same product for other OSes for a specified amount of time to ensure everyone was forced to the bandwagon of MS? Hell no...

    As for that article...I noticed something in it that's interesting:

    ...burning the recording industry out of existence.
    Notice, nothing about the bands being's the recording industry (aka the RIAA) that're *afraid* of being "burned out of the industry". Not surprising, since they're the ones that have been making ****ing fistfuls of money off of mainstream artists (and not so much goes to the band). **** them man...rise up, oh ye of the garage bands! Band together oh those of the undeground music regime! We shall fight onwa...oh, hehe....this is a security forum...

    Moral of the story: this isn't new or surprising...but just watch. You remember how CSS was busted by a buncha guys over in Europe? That was with 7 lines of code... (not sure on the lines of code but it was small)

    Like Perl's motto states: "There's always another way."
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    Let me stress this again

    Ok, I need so stay away from the posts because I can really feel myself getting dumber everytime I bother to half ass read them. Ok, one....the article that everybody is refering to says NOTHING about Microsoft (the entire thing does not mention the company once). Has it ever occured to you that it has something to do with the encryption type the record companies have opted to go for...and don't you think that the Unix variety will come up with support for that type? Hmmm, so what if Microsoft happens to have support for the codecs they are wanting to run....just means they are more compatable and willing to help the record industry. How many of you bothered to read the actual link to that article before deciding to go off with this whole "down with the evil empire" idea? And as far as converting the format to one that is burnable? How is this possible if the files are read only in the first place? Now, that is a subject that would require actual thought now isn't it? Best of luck.



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    I'm sorry, but you arses are all wrong. Did you even read the article before posting? Or just type up and search for "microsoft"? How STUPID are you? Have you not realized that, because (like it or not) Windows IS the most popular OS, that it would make very little sense for the CD's to be playable under an obscure Operating System, like MenuetOS, which can fit on a single 1.44 MB floppy?

    Like the article said, video games and movies already have copy-protection on them. But did everyone b*tch at Microsoft for this? NO! Anyway, I'm not in any way standing up for Microsoft, but I am totally against ignorant people who don't know how to read.

    It seems that Sp1d3r-W0lf is the only one that has realized that you are all so wrong. I commend you. The rest of you, go have kinky sex with Bill Gates. You know you secretly love him.

    I know you\'re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you\'re afraid. You\'re afraid of us. You\'re afraid of change. I don\'t know the future. I didn\'t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it\'s going to begin. I\'m going to hang up this phone, and then I\'m going to show these people what you don\'t want them to see. I\'m going to show them a world without you, a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

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