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Thread: This time M$ has gone too far

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    Originally posted by: Dawn C. Chmielewski
    When Universal Music Group on Tuesday releases the soundtrack, ``Fast & Furious -- More Music,'' consumers won't be able to copy the music onto another CD or use their PCs to ``rip'' tracks in digital MP3 format. The copy-protection technology will also render the disc unplayable on Macintosh computers, DVD players and game consoles, such as Sony's PlayStation 2. It might not even play in some CD players.
    Hmmm, Universal seems to be cutting up with their security for CD's eh? Imagine the sales of black CD's, for they will dramatically drop with this new copy-protection technology. And Macintosh is up for it too I see - yet with this new technology not being able to be deployed on a Mac seems a be a bother. I'm sure somebody will find a way, but then again I'm srue Universal could have changed that so Macintosh could bite it's teeth into this.

    Same thing with DVD copy-protection. As I recall, Phillips just came out with a new DVD burner this year. Obviously a bad investment if this copy-protection technology falls through with just about every CD (for I'm sure some won't have it for numerous reasons). Yet then Sony also made a bad investment making their new Playstation2 able to read DVD's. Then again (from what I'm aware of) the X-Box (a Microsoft product) also is able to read DVD's with a few adjustments to the X-Box (like buying a 'remote' I hear).

    All in all...I honestly don't think this new technology will last through too long (I hope). But we'll have to wait and see,...maybe it will. Who knows?
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    If I hear a song, and then hum it to
    myself, am I guilty of piracy for recording
    it in my brain and playing it back
    without paying royalties?
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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