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Thread: Count-Zero was deffinately right...

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    Exclamation Count-Zero was deffinately right...

    Count Zero of the CDC (Clan of the Dead Cows) said once on an interview "soon everything will be digitalized and networked. your refrigirator will know that u ran out of milk and will tell your wristwatch that you ran out of milk while ur passing by a grocery store. ---- And that is why now we have to get the security right before we reached that stage orelse the results will be catastrophic"

    well that is slowly comming true... LG Electric has created the "Internet Refrigirator" thats right.. a refrigirator connected to the internet.. and also a "Tele Conrtol Aircon" where you can turn ur aircon on and off just by making a fone call...

    hmm are we ready for such changes? security seams to be low..

    i bet you.. the Internet Refrigirator would be on the top of the wish list of every cracker...

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    I saw those LG adverts too! It looks very intresting!

    But what exactly would you do if you could 'hack' into some ones refrigerator? Just make their food too cold or too warm i guess..?
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    Really interesting. There are internet machines like that all over. How about a coffee machine that has an internet connection. Hey pretty soon my ass will have an internet connection.., Won't that be fun!!!
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