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Thread: Linux vs multimedia

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    Linux vs multimedia

    hello pals.....

    how can i play mp3's and movies on my linux box.while trying to play mp3's(on my hard disk) using XMMS system hangs AND while trying to play movies using the mpg player the same happens.Also when i try to activate the sound server at startup with sound for events it hangs and the sound gets played as an infinite loop
    (but sound never comes when trying to play mp3's). i tried reinstalling the OS for many times but it continues.But nothing happens when i play songs on CD's,it plays well(i use XMMS for this) .i use GNOME (RH 7.1).Any suggestions.......

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    Maybe try using REal Player.... here is a set of install instructions...

    I am not sure that they have included all the proper MIME types in that list, but there should be a list of MIME type setups somewhere to allow the Real Player to play just about anything you want.

    Good luck..


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    How much RAM do you have bro? You may be low on system memory just running the OS, and not be able to handle the media. Also, what type and speed of processor do you have?

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