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Thread: NEWS: The ultimate Cracking Device

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    NEWS: The ultimate Cracking Device

    As the News turns. I was reading about Quantum Computing. And the interesting fact on how it doesn't work like the computers that we are using to read this thread. That's right no
    ones or zeros. They manipulate subatomic particles.

    To read on what I'm talking about go here.

    What scares me is this

    unlocking the crypto codes used to protect secret messages and secure online transactions. That’s why the Pentagon, other government agencies and corporations like IBM are spending tens of millions of dollars on quantum research.
    Technology is growing so fast and we seem to be on the start of breaking down to the molecule level. Nanotechnology is another big one that everyone should do some reasearch on to full now how or society and the world is going to change.

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    Wow. After reading that article all I could think of was Wow. Technology is progrressing at the speed of light, and pretty soon, the "future" will be reality.
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    Just wanted to point the readers of this post to my previous posts on Quantum Computing in case they wanted some background info.

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    Lightbulb Quantum Research

    Wow...just like uraloony ...All I can think of is 'Wow'. Imagine, these "secure islands"...
    Amer, for example, is working on a quantum-crypto card that could be inserted into a computer server to create a “secure island” for sensitive information.
    Now imagine these "secure islands" poping up in the next 10 years or so... this would be a nightmare for computer crackers. But then again, until 'home users' get their own quantum computers...
    Admin's shall never let their guard down...this “Shor’s algorithm” might just be a crackers ticket in...and an Admin's ticket out for not patching for a few years. You never know...
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    my understanding of quantum computers is that they still use 1's and 0's but as atoms instead.

    Also of interest is that quantum atoms can be both 1 AND 0 at the SAME TIME. It's just when you look at one that it becomes either a 1 or a 0. While being unobserved it is both

    I know that IBM had a 7 atom quantum computer about a year ago. It was running an algorithm that took a normal computer almost 3 months to figure out in less than 10 seconds

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