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Thread: Okay, This is my first post here ever..So I wanna skip the formalities and get to...

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    I do not know how to react to that "Quit Whineing" Bit, I didnt think I was whineing....More so than asking for help on something...But...I guess I wont get much more than what has been said right?
    Never underestimate the power of your enemy

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    Re: ppl suk

    Originally posted by niboreon
    On another issue: Quit your whining and move along.
    YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE to be asking this question.....we all wear white hats here .......

    I wear a red hat sometimes.

    And I'll be wearing a gorilla suit tomorrow......

    And standing with another gorilla. And a duck. Who's parents were killed in the jungle. So he was raised by gorillas. So now he thinks he's a gorilla. But he's really a duck. A really hairy duck.

    Is this irrelevant? Can I go to bed now?
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    band camp

    This one time ... at band camp ..... This one time ... at band camp .....
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    Just a suggestion Crazed about whining... If everybody tells you you have a tail, but you don't think you have a tail, you probably have a tail, no matter what you think. Or something of that nature. I personally am new to AntiOnline but I have already figured out that these posts are for different matters than cracking into somebodys various accounts. It might do well to read the header at the top of your screen. It doesn't say "Shouldn't you learn how to crack into a system too?" Also, just another suggestion, read and learn, that is the best way to learn about Hacking and Cracking. If you have questions, I'm not saying you shouldn't ask them but find a mentor that doesn't mind endowing you with his destructive knowledge. Have fun.

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    What I'm about to tell you is really what everybody else has been saying. When you've got someone harassing you like, it is sometimes best to just change your ID from this guy. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person - this 'problem' is nothing but a waste of time for you and something you should just try to forget about. Sometimes it's harder but you just have to deal. As far as the death threats, just forget about it - people hiding behind their computers make death threats all day long - they're big and bad behind their monitors - nothing to fret about.

    And on another note, this board isn't the place to come ask questions like "How can I hack..." I've not been here long but it doesn't take much time to see that much.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Hope it works out for you...
    - Maverick

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    ok, I am infering from one of your posts crazed_man thatvoy boards "hosts" a message board for you about some subject or other. If this person will not leave you alone, and you want to play hardball, this might be a good idea.

    Tell voy boards about the problem, and tell them that you want to have access to all the logs which they have regarding access to your message boards(if this is simply a free host for a semi-noncommercial message board for your business, they may not be very helpful, but, try anyway). If they will give you portions of their log files which document the IP address of people who have been posting to your boards, you should be able to correspond those logfiles and times, with actual posts by the person in question, regardless of the voy username the users logs in as. Once you have figured out the IP address of the person harrasing you on those boards, go to

    and input the IP address's from which the abusive posts have been originating.

    My guess is that the abusive person has been using a dialup account which doles out addresses using DHCP, so he assumes that he is hidden, or he is on a broadband connection, and doesnt know it is possible to trace his activity.

    Once you have inputed all the IP addresses which have been posted from, you will probably have a good idea of which ISP the abuser is using. Probably all of the IP addresses come from the same ISP providers dialup address range.

    Send an email to

    abuse@(insert name of ISP here).com listing all of the info you have, regarding the posts on your boards, and time and date they happened, corresponding with any info you have about IP addresses or host names.

    You really do not want to try to hack this person, unless you have no other option. And, if you need to ask how to do that here, you are definitely asking for trouble if you actually try to directly hack this persons machine. You could get into a lot of unnescessary trouble for trying it, with no real chance of succeeding.

    Take care,


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    if you really want revenge and not get yourself screwed:

    you say he threatened your live in an electronic message...turn his sorry ass in to the fbi. he's a freaken' terrorist.
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    You have a point there. . . Is it not like a federal offense to
    threaten someone's life via electronic message or something
    like that. I dont know. . . If you really want to piss this guy off, just be as nice as possible to him. . . that will freak him out.
    - Rogue
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    I have had the airenwhoisit bookmarked for over a year, And I find I have a hard time reading it dont know why..Maybe i should forget the whole idea but something tells me I shouldnt..Thanks for the advice people I am going to go back to lurking in the shadows again.
    Never underestimate the power of your enemy

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