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Thread: LATE NEWS: Anti=Virus Protection Online.

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    LATE NEWS: Anti=Virus Protection Online.

    Well after reading the worlds longest thread, I went to go else where on the internet. I also actually read the stupid posts that hehbris put up. God I hope no one replies to those. Anyway Hope you all had a good christmas and have a happy new year. Here is your late news!

    Well reading lots about anti-virus companys latley and figuring out what they actually do and how one defeates a computer virus. Somthing of intrest. I went to numerous sites and found somthing interesting in the news


    Broadband net users in the UK who are worried that their PCs could be subverted by malicious hackers can now let anti-virus companies keep an eye on their machines for them.

    Doesn't sound like a bad idea actually but yes there is a butt, as many of you know virus companys suck. They personally decided what is a virus and what is not. They make the decsions for you. Basically if Microsoft did this "a free scan" it would declare all you linux users as having a computer virus and recoment that you buy Windows. It's another way to control what goes on your computer.

    For a monthly fee, subscribers get anti-virus software and a firewall designed to keep personal information on a PC secure.
    This also caught my eye

    For a monthly fee
    Many company's actually do this type of thing. They hire a company to do this. Bringing this to the home user seems like a great idea doesn't it? Yeah right trust me I would rather buy the pretty little box with free Virus updates at my comp usa then trust it to a company who wants to charge me to keep my computer online, and protect it when I'm not there or even if I am there.

    Now I know many people and even little kids today are getting pretty involved in computers. Normal Soccer Mom's probably would like this. But if you have a computer.

    Get a firewall. Get some sort of Virus Protection. GetUpdates. Get Patches for you software! Read the NEWS!

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    i agree. havin someone else watch over your comp is like askin a complete stranger to house-sit for you . there really is no reason why every comp shouldnt have the basic security (firewall, AV, etc.) especially when most can be downloaded for free with just a little searching. all of the security software on my box is full version and i havent paid a single dollar out of my pocket.

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    The problem with any kind of anti virul software is they make you pay for updates after the virus has been released. What good will a anti virus program do for you if your computer is allready infected. I have no kind of anti virus software and i am happy about it. What i do is have a full ghost of my hard drive on a second hard drive and if anything goes wrong just load it up from Dos.

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    Thumbs up sounds good

    For the neophytes...... let the newbies pay for that crap at least it might keep them from propigating viri.
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