A freind of mine has a network. He is convinced he dosnt need a security analyst. Or as it seems security at all. Anyways, i am in need of a job so he tells me, " you hack my box and sell me the exploit info." So i have been scanning and fingerprinting his ass.
I found he has a *nix box. This is what i found when scanning that.

23: [255]
User Access Verification[13][10]


79: [13]
Line User Host(s) Idle Location[13][10]
* 66 vty 0 idle 00:00:00

Kay well... I have no idea about the FINGER daemon.How can it be
exploited. All i can seem to remember about FINGER was an artical I read in 2600 about it being the most exploitable blah blah blah.....any ways this is good news to me. BUT any info at all would be GREATLY appriciated.