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    Question Windows XP

    anyone know exactly what the xp security problem is ?
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    From what I've heard, it's a Universal Plug-n-pray bug that seriously compromises the system. As it stands now, the number of XP copies sold == 7 million or so. The number patched is so much lower, I'd say it's close to 1%. Check out for more information on this.
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    Its pretty scary about the pnp problem with xp lot of people are wondering why alot of techies have not switched over to xp i guess thats why i know i wont be switching anytime soon.

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    Just to prove a point:
    News about the UPnP hole in XP might be hot stuff around the techno-circles, but for the common people.. hell 70% don't know what a goddamn PATCH is, never mind a bug. heh heh. Its would be interesting to see what we can come up with regarding this bug. I mean, what exploits can be used here. Any suggestions, Vorlin? Oh and another question. Won't simply running a firewall, and adding port 5000 ( the listening port ) to its range of protected ports somewhat solve the problem?

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