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Thread: Let the New Year bring productivity!

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    Talking Let the New Year bring productivity!

    Since I'm in the Eastern Time Zone in the US, the new year hasn't hit me yet...

    I say, with 2002 right on the horizon, we stuff the old garbage that's plaguing the forums now and move on to a better year with actual productive stuff. Be gone with all grudges, forget past annoyances, and let's just get on with what this site's created for, and that's security on multiple OSes, application, hardware, and anything else...

    So...who's with me on this?
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    Of course.

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    Sounds like a good thing to do to start the new year

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    solidarity brother

    I'm there, dude!
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    Absolutely, the more security discussions the better.

    Happy New Year!!
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    sounds good to me..... maybe I should post here more often
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    No, I don't think we should do that. If anything, I think we need MORE flaming in this forum. After all, it gives everybody something to fuss about, and it's SO entertaining! That's why I like oblio and chemical so much. They're always good for a quick laugh.

    NOTE: Just so everything's clear and I don't get flamed, that was a joke.

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    Well, it's a great idea... making the forums more "on topic". I hate to burst your bubble, but it'll never happen. Just like the IRC chat will never be on security. We'll continue to have flame-fests, and "geniuses" like oblio and chemical TO flame. But it's certainly worth a try.

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    I have to agree with more security and networking posts (one must understand networking to a degree to understand security). I'd like to see more intermediate to higher end postings. Heck, someone posted a nice one on Kerberos and no one replied (I need to get my paper on Kerberos up on my website since JP doesn't allow for graphics).

    Anyways, a happy new year to all.
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    good idea.thats another new year's resolution that i'll try to stick to.........cross ya fingers............................happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

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