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    It is amusing how you all have inflated this buffoon's ego and turned him into some mystical esoteric character. Are you all really that impressed with his ability to post in ye old english thanks to an introduction to elizabethan england literature class at his local community college? What else? Because he replaced the word hacker in the 'hacker manifesto' with the word HTMLer; what is an HTMLer? I completely fail to see any humor in his attempted satire. All he is, is a glorified version of Remote Access. Oh and this boy looks like he is what remains of the SS in France.

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    You know what! Why dont you get a life & go terrorize another forum. We have had about enough of you Hehbris.
    "Never give in-never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy!" - Winston Churchill

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    Some days I wish I was a Forum Nazi too, but hell JP has a few extra gig to waste on Hehbris, Oblio, Hanns Schmitt and the rest of the gang. Peace all and have a great New Years.
    You\'re either a 0 or a 1, alive or dead

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    lmao.. rouge.. long time no post.. havent seen ur posts in a while now...

    lol anyway... u go show up in chat ok? and ermm.. damn i get those stupid porn adds on ICQ again...hehehe

    new year.... but i can still see some ppl havent changed A BIT.. hahha we still get dem premature "you stupid ****" "you momma" and other name calling insulting posts...

    obilo.. no offence d00d.. but can u post something ermm.. educational?? something that would make the ppl of AO think..

    serzly.. if we would always get posts like this.. ppl might aswell move to the yahoo group forums.. where they can talk about how misserable their life is or how stupid that person is..

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    Noble Hamlet
    How can you compare Remote_Access_ to Negative, jesus.

    One just waffles his way to intelliegence and copy and pastes everything as well as flaming like some retarded smilie.

    Whereas Negative actually is intelligent, dosent really post, only has an ego cos everyone praises him.

    Wouldnt you think you were great if everyone said you were?

    Maybe oblio you have tired out this damn forum so much most people dont post, in fact lots of great people have left because of you.

    There is still the old faithful such as Negative.

    You have nothing better to do than post crap, I try but Im not a security guru as is expected around here.

    I dont like you oblio, every fool here thinks I am you but then why the hell should I care, we both do the same thing but I do it with class, you use old methods to annoy.

    Multiple accounts mean nothing when every damn person knows chemical is your only bud and you too plan what you do on this damn board.

    You are sad. Seriously I know it dosent affect you but you are and any crap you post will not affect me cos I dont care and Ill turn a blind eye where others wouldnt but I wanna tell everyone you are nothing.

    Useless wannabe intelligent ignorant childish pup and you are worth nothing, not here not anywhere so if nobody wants to say it clear I will.

    You are here 24/7 as you always post ontime hence you have no life whatsoever, sad pathetic, ya here.

    No? Who cares.

    I dont like Negative or whoever but I can live with them but you are a joke who gets way too much attention.

    Ive a lot more to say so let the crusade begin and Ill piss ion every word you utter,

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    Oblio, who are you to criticize ANY member of this site when you are hated by all except your little pal chemical?
    Why am I still here?

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    With class? What you do is either conscious restraint or you are too stupid to see the big picture. How can you possibly claim that I have multiple accounts. What proof do you have? This is my only account. And as for being on 24 hours, that too is a cheap shot (and certainly lacks any class due to the comment's lack of physical evidence), I spend a great deal of time away from this vapid land. Even if I was on for many hours at a time, who are you to judge such action when you are always the quickest to respond. I really suggest you do not flatter the morons that will be reading this post by claiming that chemicals and I colaborate and plot our posts. That is utterly ridiculous and I can assure you that I would most certainly shoot myself in the face should I ever exhaust any significant level of energy here. You quite often suck up and defend Negative for reasons unknown. Well maybe not so unknown, probably self esteem issues. He has never displayed any type of higher intelligence and has never even made a post suggesting he knows anything about computer security. Sorry bucko but posting links to MSIE patches isn't exactly field work. Bonjour.

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    Well oblio, I'll answer your question for you.

    Some people have charisma, while others don't. Negative has charisma. Terr has charisma. You have it as well (you could, anyway). If you wanted to straighten up and contribute to this forum, you could easily become a respected member of this site. I'm not going to sit here and twist your arm, as histroy has proven that to be futile, but I would like you to consider what I'm saying here.

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    Despite the name Negative is a good person.

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    respected member of this site? Do you think I would actually enjoy enduring the humiliation of being associated with antionline? Sorry for you guys but the information at is not lies. I know first hand the truth to it. Same with Caroline Meinel.

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