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Thread: Can MAC be worse than M$???

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    Cool Can MAC be worse than M$???

    well as i was sitting on my roof drinking a glass of ice cold vodka...

    i had a thought.. can MAC be worse than M$?

    think about this... what if MAC was as popular as MS and MS wasnt that sucessfull at all.. What if MAC had the upper hand of all O/S and PCs...

    a MAC PC only uses its own O/S and uses only MAC hardware parts.. and has its own softwares..

    imagine.. if that happened.. free lance hardware companies could go broke coz their products wont work on MAC computers.. (unless they manufacture MAC parts).

    atleast with windows.. we have a choice of which hardware parts we are gonna use...

    MAC O/S... can another O/S run in an APPLE MAC computer?

    so i came with the conlcusion that MAC is more monopolistic than Microsoft.. and thank god they didnt get the upper hand..

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    The reason why IBM personal computer's had the upper hand is 1) IBM licensed their hardware to be cloned 2) Microsoft refused to allow their operating system to become proprietary to IBM. If IBM never played like Apple did, there would be no 3rd party hardware companies.
    Microsoft bashing is so 2000.

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    Good thinking, Never really thought of Mac giving the possiblity could be more monopolistic then Microsoft. I guess we should be glad that at least a Microsoft won that war. But still it's not a winning victory, people are still in poverty from buying windows XP if you get my drift. As far as the Mac question I haven't heard of anything.

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    All corporations, given the chance, will be anticompetitive. They're in it for profit after all. Microsoft has done somethings that I haven't agreed with, but you have to give them credit for bringing computers to the masses. Making it so you didn't need to have a degree in compsci in order to use the web. They made it so easy even little kids can use PCs, and thats a good thing. I have a love/hate relationship with M$
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    Yeah right. Now you'll start saying it's the lesser of two evils?

    My poor friend, Amiga. I knew him well....
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    If Mac's had the same stature as MS, would it be as bad? Well, one of the reasons why Mac-heads are so true and often say there aren't any crashes is because the hardware is designed specifically for the OS. That would result in a monopoly both on the hardware side as well as the OS side. However, Apple never was successful with their browser and certainly didn't integrate it with the OS. Very little, if anything, is integrated with the OS.

    Now, would it have been as successful? I doubt it as the costs associated with the hardware, which is quite good, is also a bit high. So Macintosh and Apple became the environment for a high-middle to high class computer as well as the desktop publishing area. When Apple allowed for clones their market flourished for the OS but not the hardware, where Apple felt most of its money came from. They took away the licensing option from the clone manufacturers, notably Power Computing which died shortly thereafter. (I myself have a Power Computing Power Tower 225, which at its time was referred to as "having the power of god in a computer" or something to that effect. I still use it today -- almost 6 years later and am only now considering upgrading or new purchase!).

    And yes, you can run another OS -- specifically, Linux. There are at least 3 main distributions that are available for the PowerPC environment -- LinuxPPC, Yellow Dog (I use this one on one of my other mac clones) and SUSE -- and one for the Pre-PowerPC environment, 68K known as MKLinux (haven't tried but heard about it).

    I've used a variety of OSes and hardware. Personally, as long as it does what I want it to, I'm happy. Right now, besides looking at getting a new mac to muck around with I'm looking at getting a PC -- for purely gaming purposes and/or a laptop -- for hacking purposes. If you have less than 2 machines in your house/apartment, you need to fix this. You don't have enough variety to work on things.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents worth.
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    I know a *Lot* of Linux users, I myself have a Linux box...

    but Linux isn't exactly a 'computer for the masses' you have to be pretty good with computers to set it up and run it the way you want, especially if you want to use a network or the internet.

    same with Unix and IBM's OS (and Xerox's for that matter).

    For the average joe it's Windoze or Mac...
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    Linux will in the next few years become easier to use and more average users will finally take the step over to our side. I just saw a very funny episode of Sex and the City and in the ep a Mac laptop crashed and they ended up having to replace the motherboard.
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    I believe that since the "First Days" of Microsoft, Microsoft has been better then Macs, and that is because of the hardware and software issue of Macs and also that i believe Macintosh has ent more time on the way there products look then its actual code if you get my point, just look at there products, and Microsft tries not to go to a far far side of the GUI andforget abou the code. So i think that Microsoft was and will always be better then macs to tired to respond to the comments bout unix and linux is 3:13 AM LOL

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