Hi! Welcome to my first answer that will ruin all hacking hungers. For those who are hacking this ad that says they can show you to Copy DVDs on to a standard CD, well, guess what? I read a guide and it just made them lost an wondering and confused customer.

Have any of your heard of the format VCD, standing for Video CD. It actually the same as DVD in many ways, however in some very specfic aspects, it's almost the same. This technology was invented by the Japaness in the early 1990 and was welcomed by many people like me, who lived/live in Hong Kong and Japan. Why? It is all digital, just like DVD. Also, these machiens was very expandable because it supports a very uncommon and expensive technology that was there at that time. DOBY DIGITAL (OPTICAL), and the best part, it had all the advantage of digital technologies at that time. This VCD format is consided as one of the MPEG formats just like DVD (don't know what type, MPEG-1 OR2 OR 3...etc), and it is possible for it to produce pictures up to the highest quality possible for DVDs. However, there was one disadvantage, just like DVDs. Due to it's formatting, it can't even hold up to 6 hours of video.

However, DVDsare able to hold more data. I don't know exactly how or why, but one diffrence I know is that VCD in earier stages uses compression of version 1.0/1.1 but later to version 2.0. Then came along a technology called SVCD (Super Video CD) which uses compression version 3.0.

However, the VCD was a very sucessfull technology, and I believe that the DVD format was created base on this technology. Oh! One more that, VCD are just video data that are stored on a stardard CD, so with the existing technologies, we can duplicate it/them.


This program introduced by the ad basically works like all other encoders. It uses the DVD rom to copy all of the Digital Data on the disc to your HD, then starts encoding it to other formats. Like other MPEG. However, the problem is that copying these DVDs will need huge amount of RAM and computing POWER. It takes up to 12 hours to re-encode a DVD (movie).

However, I started suspecting this because it never metioned about copying PS2 games.

That was just a brief description, to learn more about copying DVDs go to: http://www4.tomshardware.com/video/00q3/000913/

There, they will introduce you to a software (that is free) that will take care of the re-encoding part too!