Hey everybody, I've read the earlier PC vs. MAC thread and one thing struck me.... it seemed as if the pro-mac people actually gave facts supporting their opinions (I'm talking mostly about dhej). But some PC people were interesting too just not many (most of the posts comprised mainly of, "MACs suck. HATE HATE HATE HATE MACs.).

Anyway I'm thinking about buying a MAC.

In fact I'm using one right now
I'm at my uncle's house and he is an Apple nut. He constantly yells about how PCs suck and you can do anything on a MAC that you can on a PC. I ,however, agree and dis-agree on some points.

My biggest gripe about macs is software. It seems MACs are weak in terms of networking/hacking software and VERY weak on games. I also don't like the outragous mac prices. It kinda gets on my nervs that I can't find a command prompt or windows registry sorta thing anywhere. How in the world am I to screw around with the OS? Ohh well. I've started to come under the impression that MACs are the king for simple programs such as word processors, graphics programs, and Internet Explorer. But if you wanna do hacking or networking you get linux and if you wanna game you get windows. It seems like windows is the mediator between linux and macs in that it can do both of what they can but it doesn't do it as well.

My uncle said you could do anything on a MAC. You can't game on one or do networking seriously. However he has never done either of those. Heck he doesn't know jack about PCs the deep parts of the internet or any other nerdy things I thrive on. He had never heard of the Windows registry or BIOS and tcp/ip, all he knew about was to configure it on his machine for the internet. But I do readily agree with him that MAC is the most stable operating system. It seems to be a rather simple OS and simple usually means few crashes. Microsoft tried to bite off too much with windows and thus it is a POS. Linux is very stable but it has its flaws. Mainly that it is so damn hard to use the user ends up crashing it. But it can't be beat by anything in terms of networking and the ability to screw around with it.

In conclusion:
I am begining to think that Apple Perfected desktop publishing and everyday use

It never crashes (sorry hardly ever is better) unlike windows (due to shitty OS) and linux (due to stupid user)

It is increadibly easy to learn

You don't have to waste your time trying to perform simple tasks like booting up (windows) and running programs (linux)

I like the idea of not having to back anything up or having to worry about virii and the ease of use.

I hate the Price tag $$
I hate the software limetations
I hate how weak it is in terms of networking
I tried win2k once but it crashed on me as soon as I loaded it (I think it was a virus but some pretty freaky things happened that no-one could explain) , I have yet to try again. So, maybe win2k runs stable enough that a MAC is a waste of time I don't know.

Please don't make stupid posts like MACs suck. If you've got something to say at least try to make it intelligent. It really boosted my opinion of macs in that no-one that was for them said moronic things like PCs Suck or one sentence opinions like the many PC users who said, "MACs are too propritory for me."