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Thread: AOL blocks Harvard...

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    Talking AOL blocks Harvard...

    AOL does it again!

    After the recent Anthrax scares in The US Harvard decided to email applicants wether they had been accepted or rejected. But it appears that none of the emails arrived after AOL rejected them as spam!

    You can read more on this here

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    Leave it to AOL to do something like this.. must have been all the 0's in their bank account.
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    thats exactly like Aol to do that but if they block junk email whats all the crap in my mail box???

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    Lightbulb AOL Again...

    This doesn't have to do with anything that Conf1rm3d_K1ll posted. But it's going there. Check this out:

    January 2, 2002

    WASHINGTON A security hole in AOL Time Warner's Instant Messenger program used by millions of users worldwide can let a hacker take full control of a victim's computer, according to security researchers and the company.
    Pretty scary eh? Yet an AOL spokesman said the problem will be fixed soon, and users won't have to download anything. And what will really get your blood boiling is when it was discovered by a loose team of international researchers called 'w00w00,' the hole was found to be a "buffer overflow," like the problem recently found in Microsoft's Windows XP.

    Check out the full story here
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