I got an interesting little trojan from an MP3

It changed it's extension to .VBS (Visual Basic Script) as soon as Media Player tried to open it and executed of course

I'm not sure exactly what it did, but it appears to be written by a columbian hacker called Sand Ja9e Gr0w and is called 'Plan Columbia' I think it's a metavarient of the vbs.Loveletter.B

I posted this because of two reasons...

1st it appears in all ways to be an .mp3 file untill run (as far as I can tell) so it means that someone figured out how to abuse WMP to execute a virus, so *watch everything you download*

2nd, I have to say to the writed that it is pretty ingenious the way it alters startup pages and reg settings, and I hope that things get better for you hackers in Columbia, Sand