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Thread: Help! Virus!!!

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    Angry Help! Virus!!!

    Hey, whats up all?

    I have a very very very important question for you all! I really need an answer badly.. I downloaded some DoS (Denial Of Service) tools from the downloads section and what not.. well I got death n destruction, and some others.. they say they are trojans.. I have heard JP say that they are for the program and meant to be in there and stuff and that they scan all there files... well why would they need to have a trojan horse in more than 5/6 files I downloaded for DoS... This is very confusing and I would really like to know... If I actually opened the so called "trojan horse" would I be available for market to JP and stuff lol... I need someone to help me with this.. I don't like my norton antivirus thing popping up saying the file I have been looking for for a long long time has a trojan horse in it.. and I really don't like to see trojans on my system....

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    Maybe it DOES have a trojan horse in it.
    Someone offeres you a destructive tool,
    maybe he's playing you for a fool.
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    Maybe your AntiVirus just dosent like DoS tools....

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