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Thread: Win XP & MBR

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    Win XP & MBR

    Hello pals..........

    i want to how i can clear my mbr with windows xp.fdisk doesn't work with it.

    also i want to know how to config lilo from within linux ?

    plz.. help..

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    For your windows problem, I would suggest making a regular Win98 bootup disk and try fdisk from there. Not sure what the XP version of fdisk (I don't put it past them to change it) does.

    For editing lilo, you can either go through the gui (whatever it is for your distro), or you can do something like 'vi /etc/lilo.conf'. This is generalized as I don't know what distro you use. Although, if you don't know what the stuff in lilo.conf means, you're better off going through the gui.
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    I'm not 100% sure about XP, but with w2k you have to use the recovery console to fdisk /mbr.
    As for editing lilo - what is you want to do? assuming its something simple like changing the default os or timeout you could/should, as vorlin said, use a text editor to edit lilo.conf - just make sure you run "lilo" afterwards to affect the changes.

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