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Thread: NEWS(kinda): Microsoft is Playing Dirty !

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    NEWS(kinda): Microsoft is Playing Dirty !

    What a great head line. Well Plane crashes into IBM just didnt' sound right. Everyone knows what is going on here. Microsoft traines sucide pilots to go crash into there competitors. Ever since IBM started putting Linux on there servers there has been frustration between Bill Gates and the Excecutives at IBM. This time Bill has gone to far. I guess we should start calling Bill. Osma Bill Gates Laden. Or crazy BIll but that sounds to cool. lol. Well read and enjoy.

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    Yeah, this is good. Very good. ;-)

    Tx for sharing man.


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    nice try, a little higher next time.

    He must've trained on MS Flight Sim. ha!
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    That was a good one KorpDeath

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    Maybe the pilot was a long time customer of IBM, and was unhappy with their customer support...

    <-- Never had one good experience with IBM customer support... one operator told me to "F$ck off"....
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    i agree with u matty the customer support for IBM at least in my city is not at all good...nobody first of all pays any attention to your complains..and if at all "by mistake" they register your complain...then again u have to run behind them to remind them ..that something they their damn register for you...

    its nonsense....
    but anyway...thanks for sharing freeon...


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