I'm talking about the chat room . I'll probally get flamed by the regulars but its worth it to push this feature. I guess the best way to start (if you have no IRC exp.) is to click on the chat link at the top of the page. When you get into the room you have 60 seconds to identify yourself to the antibot. If you fail to identify yourself after 60 seconds you get a funky nick like "guest 3245"
To avoid that do this:
/msg antibot identify password for ao
This will let you keep the nick. There are poeple in there that know alot of **** but they hardly ever post like "xy" "jparker" "antichat" even JP shows up there alot!
Everybody is friendly(well..MOST everybody) and they will answer questions about programming,networking and stuff.
I overheard JP say that he wants to push the caht room more. He does a ton of work to keep it going and few poeple take advantage of it..so chat away. If you use an IRc client you can check out this link: