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    Lightbulb Xinetd.d

    I need to configure sshd in xinetd. Does anyone have any links or howto's on it? I tried 'man xinetd.d' and 'man xinetd' neither work. I just need to be able to select what port it connects on. I dont need/want to specify what user account. I don't want/need to set it up to only allow static IP's either.

    Any and All Help Greatly Appreciated!
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    redpriest in chat swears that you don't need xinetd to be configured for sshd to run correctly. I was told that you have to configure xinetd to allow sshd, I am going to change the default port to something else. I think thats why I need xinetd.

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    Ok, to run the daemon at startup, xinetd isn't required. Instead, if you look at the /etc/rc.d/init.d directory, you'll see a bunch of scripts that have start/stop/reload/status/etc in them. Those are the inital services started at varying run levels. You'll see things like keytable, ipchains, xinetd, and a lot others. Don't mess with these scripts. I've enclosed (the attachment) the sshd.txt file which should be copied into this directory and named 'sshd'. Peruse it at your will, and make sure you have the paths correct. It's from the OpenSSH installation so that should be greatly helpful.

    # mv sshd.txt sshd
    # chmod 555 sshd
    # cp sshd /etc/rc.d/init.d
    # cd /etc/rc.d/rc3.d
    # for i in rc2.d rc3.d rc4.d
    > do
    > cd /etc/rc.d/rc$i.d
    > ln -s ../init.d/sshd S55sshd && ln -s ../init.d/sshd K55sshd
    > echo /etc/rc.d/rc$i.d now has S* and K* set for sshd.
    > done

    This will create startup and kill links for sshd in run levels 2 and 3, where most of your work is going to be done. Run level 3 is multiuser mode, where people connect, services are running for everything, etc.

    Let me know if this is confusing or you need more help.
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    I believe I have myself and others confused. I don't need xinetd to startup sshd. I was told I need sshd configured in xinetd, now I know not to run. But there are logging and other benefis of usign xinetd. Sshd works for now ,thats all I need.

    Sorry for the Confusion..
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