Hi ladies, guys;

I have just joined the site here and wanted to say hello.
My goals and purpose for being here is to learn as much as i can about computers and how to protect myself and my system from those who wish to do harm from people who know. I have heard a good bit about this site and feel that much can be gained from coming here.
I welcome any and all advise, critisizm or comments.
I guess the main thing that brought me here is the fact that in chatrooms in yahoo it is becoming more and more difficult to carry on a conversation without some moron coming in and getting vulgar with the ladies and then booting my rear when i try to cool them down!
Yes I am very tired of getting booted! I hope to learn not only how to better protect myself and my friends I speak to but also how to get these people out of the room as well. Call me vengeful, sorry, they are gettin on my nerves lol.
Any advise or comments are welcome. You can e-mail me at iceman_412001@yahoo.com

Have a great day, Iceman