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Thread: Securing and Optimizing Linux

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    Lightbulb Securing and Optimizing Linux

    I found the following link VERY useful when I was setting up my Red Hat linux box last night. This guide is written for RH 6.2 but it worked fine for my 7.2 distro with a few changes (ie. inetd -> xinetd and others).

    Securing and Optimizing Linux - RedHat a hands on guide

    The purpose of this guide is to create a streamlined and secure server. My install was on a p75, 40 Mb RAM and a 1 Gb HD and it worked fine. Very easy to follow and I learned a lot from doing it.

    Anyways, hope you enjoy!
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    YEah, its a good book. Wish I could have printed a copy while I worked at my old company, its only 500 pages or so. Oh, I thought it Vini, Vidi, Vici .
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